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Kartika Purnima Odia Wishes, Images, Greetings Cards, Status,SMS Wallpaper Free Download

Kartika Purnima Odia Wishes, Images, Greetings Cards, Status, Wallpaper Free Download

Karthik Poornima Odia wishes, pictures, greeting cards, status, wallpapers free download.Karthika Purnama is a very big festival of Odisha, Karika Purnima is followed in the house of Odia, in the part of Surrey Ghar, in this festival, people and children, old people, all worship God.Kartika Purnima comes in the year of November.
And the whole house is done fiercely, and after getting up at 5 o'clock in the morning everyone leaves the board in the pond, and in the boat, we light a lamp and speak the name of Bhagban to the feet of Poem, and the name of Bass Khusi Bhagban But they come back deep.And he loves them for the future. Kartika Purnima is known as Boita bandana or Danga bhasa in Odisha.This is Kartik Purnima.

कार्तिक पूर्णिमा ओडिया इच्छाओं, चित्र, ग्रीटिंग कार्ड, स्थिति, वॉलपेपर मुफ्त डाउनलोड।कार्तिका पूर्णमा ओडिशा का एक बहत बड़ा फेस्टिवल है , ओड़िआ के सरे घर मैं कारिका पूर्णिमा पालन कर जाते हैं लग भाग सरे घर मैं , इस फेस्टिवल मैं स्पेसिल्ली लोग और बच्चे , बूढ़े , सब लोग भगबान को पूज ते हैं।  कार्तिका पूर्णिमा सरे बर्ष नवंबर मैं आता है और सरे घर मैं जमकर की जाता है , और सब लोग सुबहके ५ बज कर उठ के नहाने के बाद तालाब मैं बोड छोड़ जाते हैं , और बोट मैं दीपक लगते हैं और भगबान के नाम पैर पोएम बोलते हैं , और बहत खुसी खुसी भगबान के नाम लेके गहरा वापस आते हैं। और उनका आगामी भबिस्य केलिए प्रेय करते हैं। तोह ये होता है कार्तिक पूर्णिमा



Kartika Purnima Odia Wishes, Images, Greetings Cards, Status Queries ...?

Why is Kartik Purnima celebrated?

In History of Odisha, when the end of the year is over, they used to go to Bahar to settle the breath of Odisha, with the help of a boat, they left their people very happy, I used to follow this Kartika Purnima, so it has been going on since that day, That’s because Kartika Purnima is celebrated.

What should we do on Karthika Pournami?

People of Odisha and small survivors in Karthika Purnima,
All the beautiful bathing boats put lamps in it and I put flowers in it and left the pond. And worship Bhagwan.
Why Kartik month is important?

Kartika Purnima Odisha is important only because this Odia is a very big festival in the house, this festival brings home peace and money.

Why is Purnima auspicious?

Kartika Purnima would have been the reason why I am peaceful by doing this puja, and Bhagaban gets a big prayer, that’s because Purnima auspicious.

Can we eat nonveg in karthika masam?

No, you cannot eat non-veg on Kartika Purnima, by worshiping.

How do you celebrate Kartik?

On the day of Kartik Purnima, everybody worships Bhagbana by taking a lamp and boat of Naha at 5 o'clock in the morning, and I must keep my peace.

What do you do in the Kartik month?/What do you do during the month of Kartik?

Like Kartik Purnima lasts in the month of November.
So in Karthik month, all the people give up non-veg food, and this month people go to temples in the early morning and do the hobisa of the bhajan.

What should not eat in Kartik month?/Which the festival is celebrated on a full moon day?
Nonveg is forbidden in Karthik month.
The rest you can eat veg.

What is Habisa? / What is Kartik Snan?

After taking the name of Bhagban and in the month, there is one time, like not eating non-veg,
And to love Bhagaban Ji, Habisa is called Odisa in Odisha language.

Kartika Purnima Odia Wishes, Images, Greetings Cards, Status, Wallpaper Free Download

Kartika Purnima Odia HD  Wishes, HD Images,  HD Greetings Cards, HD  Status, HD Wallpaper Free Download

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